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To my wisdom, this has turn into the traditional observation for the 1st five books of Livy. it's fun to learn a number of the modern reviews--none of that have been altogether favorable. them all appeared skeptical of the length--as an identical sized statement on all extant books of Livy could run over 7000 pages. The longest assessment i'll locate, years after e-book, basically criticized the fairly brief creation, and frankly had no longer regarded a lot extra on the observation itself!

Here's an excerpt from a evaluation discussing the breadth of Ogilvie's scholarship:
Abundant observation on
political heritage and prosopography is furnished,
as a truly important complement to Livy's political
inexperience, his moralizing bent, and his not
unjustified perspective that the early heritage of Rome
is mythical at most sensible. substantial cognizance is
paid to Roman religion-again an important emphasis
in view of Livy's tendency to straddle between
his personal desire to take faith heavily, and the
contemporary skepticism that observed piety as an
affectation for political purposes.

Review by means of: Alfred C. Schlesinger
The Classical magazine, Vol. sixty one, No. 6 (Mar., 1966)

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2. A free society requires for its preservation the exercise by individual citizens of the social virtues. T o give way to avaritia and to scorn modestia must entail the disruption of society (Praef. ). This is clearly seen in the course of Book 3 ; and the way is prepared in Book 1 where Ancus Marcius' pillaging (35. 7) is in contrast with Romulus' forbearance (15. 4). It is in modestia and the corresponding virtue of moderation the theme of Book 4, that the last Tarquin is egregiously deficient.

They represent a peculiarly R o m a n form of myth much older than Rome which belong to the very core of Indo-European thought. Romulus and Remus are Cain and Abel or J a c o b and Esau. Romulus and N u m a are Varuna and Mitra or Uranus and Zeus. T h e detailed biography with which the name of Romulus was clothed was m a d e up from a series of myths most of which are aetiological in nature explaining objects and monuments and ceremonies. Many have been supplemented from the resources of Greek mythology.

I. 142. 1 TOV aE 7ToM they give a thoroughly Thucydidean flavo 23. , 49. , 58. , 3. , 71. , 5. 27. , 28. ). 's pat the same Q. Aelius Tubero who remodelled Thucydidean veneer. I In that event Livy's at second hand through the intermediary cannot be demonstrated and since in poin tinctive imprint seems to have been that ofV assume that Valerius was the main source extensively used, although the alternativ attractions. STYLE AND COMP Much has been written about Livy's style a paid to the technique of his composition exhaustive lists of classsical and non-classic pages.

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