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This grammar presents an outline of Limilngan, a formerly undescribed and now extinct language of northern Australia. Australian languages ordinarily express a excessive measure of structural similarity to each other. Limilngan exhibits a number of the universal Australian styles, yet in different components it diverges considerably from them. It has a regular Australian phonological stock, bit its phonotactic styles are strange. a few heterorganic clusters corresponding to /kb/ are of markedly better frequency than homorganic clusters akin to /nd/. Like a couple of Australian languages, Limilngan has many vowel-initial morphemes. although, traditionally those consequence from lenition and never from preliminary shedding as in different places in Australia.

Like many northern languages, it has advanced platforms of either prefixation and suffixation to nominals and verbs. Prefixation presents information regarding nominal class (four classes), temper, and pronominal cross-reference (subject and objects). Suffixation presents information regarding case, demanding and element. Limilngan differs from so much Australian languages in huge volume of its morphology is unproductive, displaying advanced and abnormal allomorphic variation.

Limilngan is like such a lot Australian languages in that it can be defined as a unfastened be aware order language. notwithstanding, notice order isn't really at no cost and strictly ordered phrasal compounding constructions are major (e.g. within the formation of denominal verbs).

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The apicals are rare as both intervocalic stops and as clusters. The palatals are not rare as intervocalic stops, though they are as a cluster. There appears to be a kind of overall patterning to obstruency. Coronal obstruency of any kind is not common, being most frequent with the intervocalic palatals. Both labial and velar Phonology 27 obstruency are common. However, labial obstruency is chiefly realised in homorganic nasal­ stop clusters, whereas velar obstruency is chiefly realised by intervocalic stops In hetero-organic c lusters, Australian languages prefer that the coda should be no higher, and usuall y lower, on both the place and sonority hierarchies than the fol lowing onset.

It seems likely that a wider range of materials would show a greater variation in [Id] vs [I] realisations. However, given that the appearance of [Id] sequences is not predictable in the available materials, it does not appear that they should be analysed as an allophone of Ill. The default analysis of a consonantal sequence is as a cluster. In this case, there is no reason to adopt any other analysis, and consequently words which have a high frequency of [Id] realisations, are analysed as involving lId!

6 Stress The basic foot type in Limilngan is the trochee. In general, polysyllabic morphemes constitute independent stress domains and feet are aligned from the left edge of these morphologically determined domains. Monosyllabic or consonantal suffixes are incorporated into the preceding domain. Monosyllabic words receive an independent stress, and involve either a long vowel or a coda cluster. These are standard patterns for stress placement across Australia. Monosyllabic words are rare in Limilngan.

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A grammar of Limilngan: A language of the Mary River region, by Mark Harvey PDF
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