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The development of o is striking in that it is not completely parallel with the development of §. While the front nasal vowel became an open e (a), the back nasal vowel did not become an open o but rather a (on the ap­ pearance of 9 in the Drimkol dialect in Debar Region in more recent times, see § 102). Because there is an opinion that the rise of a is evidence of the contact of the phonological systems of the Balkan languages, we should here raise the question of whether the above-mentioned movement of p toward a was due to this contact.

While the W dialects have jaze ‘rope’ , jadica ‘fishhook’ , jaglen ‘coal’ , one finds prothesis with v (vaze, vadica, vaglen) in the E, with the isogloss veering to the SW to include the K ostur-Lerin (Kastoria-Elorina) dialects. In the Kastoria region there even is the name of a village: Vdmbel. avy), BopuXiT^ou. The phenomenon is an old one, as attested by joglb ‘coal’ in D obr and jpzy ‘fetter’ instr pi, jpgVu dat sg in Dobrej; on the other hand, c f. sbvpzomb ‘b on d’ inst sg Cloz (also voze ‘fetter’ dat sg, sbvpzu dat sg in Su).

W e can observe the same relationship in aor form s: zaprev, zapre ‘stop’ 1 sg, 2-3 sg as opposed to zaprav, zapra. This duality was already manifest in the older texts: trava and treva in PS, in which we also have changes of re to ra: pravrati ‘turn away’ , pravratisj£, pograbajq, ‘bury’ act pres part, vramje ‘time’ . Such examples also appear sporadically in other OCS texts. 28. The process which led to the elimination of weak jers and to the vocalization of strong jers (a > o, 6 > e) was in progress b y the 10th centu­ ry.

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