By Adler, M.

A Syntopicon: An Index to the nice principles (1952) is a two-volume index, released as volumes 2 and three of Encyclopædia Britannica’s assortment nice Books of the Western international. Compiled by way of Mortimer Adler, an American thinker, less than the counsel of Robert Hutchins, president of the collage of Chicago, the volumes have been billed as a set of the 102 nice principles of the western canon. The time period “syntopicon” used to be coined particularly for this venture, which means “a selection of topics.”[1] The volumes catalogued what Adler and his crew deemed to be the elemental principles inside the works of the good Books of the Western global, which stretched chronologically from Homer to Freud. The Syntopicon lists, less than every one suggestion, the place each prevalence of the idea that will be positioned within the collection’s recognized works.

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The general theory of faculties: the critique of faculty psychology The order and harmony of man's powers and functions: contradictions in nature; the higher and lower nature of 23 human man 50. Cooperation or conflict among man's powers 5& Abnormalities due to defect or conflict of powers: feeble-mindedness l neuroses, insanity, madness 24 25 THE GREAT IDEAS 12 PAGE 6. 7. among men Individual differences 6a. The cause and range of temperament, habit 6b. The differences 6c. The ages of variations in Group inequalities: differences in ability, inclination, men and women: between man: 25 human their equality or inequality 27 infancy, youth, maturity, senescence human 28 type: racial differences 29 ja.

But whether only man has a soul; a rational soul; a soul which is, in whole or in part, immaterial; a soul his man does not differ in any . monkey, or some other animal without reason, we should not have any means of ascertaining that they were not of the same nature as . . " It is indifferent to Descartes whether other animals are conceived as automata or whether, because they have life, sensation, and imagination, they are granted souls. " What he has denied is thought, and it is this one factor which makesjt impossible for a THE GREAT IDEAS 8 machine to imitate human speech and action.

The light of reason seems to shine in distinct powers. In its both. of abstract ideas as in the writings of Hobbes, Berkeley, and Hume. Their position, discussed He repeats many stories from Plutarch and Pliny which supposedly reveal the comparable mentality of animals and men. One is the story pression, this denial more is most accompanied by a denial fully in the chapter PARTICULAR, is that characteristic ex- on UNIVERSAL AND men only" give the appear- THE GREAT IDEAS ance of having abstract or general ideas because they employ common names which have general significance.

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