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Since I cannot take the time to cover every minute syntactic detail, I recommend that you also reference the C# language specification as well. qxd 8/4/06 9:45 AM CHAPTER Page 15 3 ■■■ C# Syntax Overview T his chapter introduces you to the syntax of the C# language. It’s assumed that you have a reasonable amount of experience with C++ or Java, since C# shares the same syntax. This is no accident. The designers of C# clearly meant to leverage the knowledge of those who have already developed with C++ and Java, arguably the most dominant languages in software development, particularly object-oriented (OO) development.

This means that it won’t consider any user-defined conversions that are defined on the types. The as operator is similar to the is operator, except it returns a reference to the target type. Because it is guaranteed never to throw an exception, it simply returns a null reference if the conversion cannot be made. Similar to the is operator, the as operator only considers reference conversions or boxing conversions.

It would be a horrible pain to modify the code for each and every method that you need to log. It would be much easier if you could simply attach a property—or in this case, an attribute—to the method itself so that the runtime would log the method’s call when it happens. This keeps you from having to modify the method, and the requirement is applied out-of-band from the method’s implementation. Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) was one of the first widely known examples of AOP. Using metadata, and the fact that you can attach arbitrary, custom attributes to types, methods, properties, and so on, you can use AOP in your own designs.

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