By Carlo Giacomo Prato

ISBN-10: 1622570103

ISBN-13: 9781622570102

This e-book emerges from the curiosity in enriching the physique of information approximately twist of fate features, studying well-being results and presenting measures to beat societal and monetary outcomes of injuries. Contributions from varied disciplines compose a set that gives solutions to trendy questions from a number of views. the 3 elements of the e-book provide a entire evaluate of the hot state-of-the-practice wisdom approximately coincidence features, chance elements, outcomes and protection interventions. Combining wisdom from either street and occupational defense, and lengthening via quite a few disciplines reminiscent of engineering, economics, medication, and records, this assortment stimulates readers in searching for more suitable strategies to protection difficulties which are a massive hazard to human lifestyles and price thousands to our society.

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Odds Ratio for All Accidents In table 2, the parameter estimates of the logistic regression over all accidents are given. As the data contains categorical variables it is necessary to define a reference group. The reference group (female car owners in a couple with children) is incorporated into the intercept and forms the baseline which the other groups are compared to. The estimated parameters are therefore negative when a group has lower probability compared to the reference group and positive parameter estimates when a group has higher probability compared to the reference group.

In addition to this, the societal costs of light and severe injuries would be reduced several million Euros (ModelCenter, 2010). 2 years in the period 2002 to 2007 (N2002=19548 and N2007=38266). 4 years (N2002=222 and N2007=272), meaning that the average injured motorcyclist has become younger when comparing 2007 to 2002. Figure 4 shows the age distribution of two three-year periods, 20022004 and 2005-2007, for killed and injured motorcyclists. The distribution shifted towards the older segments when comparing the period 2002-2004 with 2005-2007.

Children vs. In a couple w. Children Single w. children vs. In a couple w. o. children vs. In a couple w. Children Income vs. income+1000 Education vs. education+1 2002 2,86 (2,223,68) 2,60 (2,043,31) 1,39 (1,201,62) 0,97 (0,970,97) 1,67 (1,421,93) 1,59 (1,132,23) 1,08 (0,911,28) 0,99 (0,980,99) 0,95 (0,930,97) 2003 3,16 (2,553,91) 2,71 (2,213,31) 1,44 (1,271,64) 0,97 (0,960,97) 1,86 (1,632,13) 2,25 (1,742,92) 1,19 (1,021,38) 0,99 (0,991,00) 0,95 (0,940,97) 2004 2,29 (1,782,95) 2,04 (1,622,56) 1,43 (1,251,64) 0,96 (0,960,97) 1,61 (1,401,84) 1,82 (1,392,39) 1,01 (0,871,18) 0,99 (0,991,00) 0,94 (0,920,95) 2005 2,69 (2,103,45) 2,56 (2,073,17) 1,42 (1,231,63) 0,96 (0,960,97) 1,77 (1,532,05) 1,92 (1,442,56) 1,13 (0,961,33) 0,99 (0,991,00) 0,93 (0,910,94) 2006 3,05 (2,423,84) 2,56 (2,093,13) 1,37 (1,191,58) 0,97 (0,960,97) 1,53 (1,321,76) 1,50 (1,122,02) 1,05 (0,901,23) 1,00 (0,991,00) 0,93 (0,910,95) 2007 3,09 (2,473,86) 2,22 (1,802,73) 1,42 (1,231,64) 0,96 (0,960,97) 1,50 (1,301,74) 1,76 (1,332,32) 0,95 (0,801,12) 1,00 (0,991,00) 0,90 (0,880,93) Quantifying the Influence of Social Characteristics on Accident and Injury Risk 43 DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION It is evident from the results that the risk of motorcyclists being involved in an accident and getting injured in an accident was higher compared to car drivers.

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