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When he opened the door, Nick recognized Hank Ashford’s son, though he couldn’t recall his name. The boy was sixteen or seventeen, a linebacker on the football team and built like he could move two or three players at a time off the line of scrimmage. Yet, tonight, as he stood on Nick’s front porch, the kid slouched with his hands stashed in his pockets, eyes wild and face pale. He shivered despite the sweaty forehead. ” The crisp night air stung Nick’s bare skin. It felt good. ” The boy looked back toward his car.

Oh, I see,” he snorted. ” She maintained her calm though she was tired of these little tantrums. ” “Work, right. That’s convenient. Call it what you want. ” The anger bubbled close to the surface, but her voice remained amazingly calm. ” The sarcasm slipped out, but he didn’t seem to notice. She took the fax and started past him to the door. He grabbed her wrist and spun her toward him. “Tell them to send someone else, Maggie. We need this weekend together,” he pleaded, his voice now soft. She looked into his gray eyes and wondered when they had lost their color.

Thanks also must go to Patti El-Kachouti, Marlene Haney, Nicole Keller, Kenny and Connie Kava, Natalie Cummings, Sandy Rockwood and Margaret Shoemaker. Finally, thanks to Bob Shoemaker. This wouldn’t have been the type of book Bob would even have read, but that would not have stopped him from being proud of me and telling everyone he met about it. ” Ronald Jeffreys’ raspy monotone made the phrase a challenge rather than a confession. Father Stephen Francis stared at Jeffreys’ hands, mesmerized by the large knuckles and stubby fingers, nails bitten to the quick.

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