By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Hilarious and sensible information regarding the artwork of backpacking from NOLS instructors.

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What one person always considers to be an essential is a luxury by somebody else's standards. The answer, of course, is that you need to decide for yourself what is important and what is not. Mike and I will give you some guidelines for what works. Don't expect 100 percent agreement from us though; we are just as opinionated as everyone else when it comes to our own gear and that means we disagree plenty, but we'll do our best to put you on the right track. Some thoughts on gear: Keep it simple.

If it hurts, though, you will want to change it to see what is going on and fix the problem. TRY NOT To JUMP p Wth the monster loMMTO Hiking Techniques My feet used to blister every time I went hiking. I couldn't figure out what caused it. I'd go tearing down the trail and soon enough, there it was-that familiar hot spot on the heels. It wasn't till I learned to walk flat-footed that I finally solved the problem. When backpacking with stiff boots, you need to make some adjustments to the HIKING everyday heel-to-toe stride that most folks use to IN cruise the city streets.

While it's impractical to bring a fresh pair of socks for each hiking day on a long trip, you can keep socks relatively dirt free by wearing gaiters and keeping them out of the dirt. On long extended trips, I rinse out my grungy socks and rotate in a clean pair while those dry. Lace boots snugly but don't crank them down. I once knew a fellow who laced his boots so tight he would get blisters on his feet-from the tight boots-and on his hands from pulling the laces so hard. The way you walk is far more important than the snugness of your boot (see "Hiking Techniques" just ahead).

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