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4-^ vMldmr to Ike cHy. Mw MM fnr «r tlM <— cftiwhOkby wydHJipiHiji liy,i AltBMidar kb tndjrfMwds mhI te t^prfrat A; lo talM M MMM^f ImU H tkoaU tlMidl JMJf fWHTB to diw iflumfeol. Tit I Mi iJiii dwii of Akmaader MH t^irfm, fcrtk« Ike Arrkrf«, to tkt MHikar of l«o tkooMod; fon^ ko ovdetod to tkoottko I of tko liitnaniilM Hoopfc tlie villi II tko MM m fMfd, kept rap •ad, wii^ii^ wilii tiw onAry, —fy» ukjiMili^ cilWr of tlw iwwwtiim km ft, tiMir fitwnd, As Ikot tkopkolMH m cjo fton tko kiO 00 tko CMmj't aom tko ka vttk'tko Moo of oltaddBf AleiOBdar's kodygoani ot tkey wilh

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